Srsly nerdy Valentine’s Day cards

In the grocery store the other day the check out woman and the woman bagging groceries were discussing how they were celebrating “intentionally single day” which quickly digressed into where the heck st. Valentine’s Day originated.

Blame Chaucer (paper doll anyone?)! He’s the missing link!

The history of St Valentine’s Day, from its pre-Christian origins, involving nudity and whipping, to its present incarnation as a commercial free-for-all driving huge sales of chocolate, flowers and jewellery.

Ylou can find more nerdly Valentine’s Day cards at Ironic Sans

Links to yet more nerdy Valentine’s Day cards.

A most excellent Star Trek card from Able and Game’s Etsy shop!

Oh hai, I know it’s too late to order Valentine’s cards but whatever!

Someone make me a very wrong Valentine with this picture of Chaucer. Please?

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