Faster KittyKill and Craftster Video Demos

craftsterquickiesThis Crafters Quickies video featuring Pam of Faster KittyKill! Blog! Blog! teaches you how to add your own designs and alter thrift store dishes with ceramic paint pens.

Learn how to make painted tiles and plates with ceramic paint pens. Even if you can’t draw freehand, you can use the nifty trick in this video to easily trace any image onto your tile or plate. These are fun to make for yourself and make great gifts because you can customize the designs in many ways. A Craftster Quickies video by

I’m enjoying the Craftster Quickies series. You can watch the first of them here and you can see all of them hosted here on


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    I’ll definitely be checking in with you often Pam. Your site is great! I just went and bought a few ceramic pens last weekend and plan on doing a project for my husband for christmas with them!

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