Fail Harder

Fail Harder

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I saw this ‘Fail Harder’ sign on SwissMiss that someone made out of like 45 million thumbtacks. I need this sign (along side my Natalie Dee print out that says ‘I’m a Quitter!’ (which you can now get as a t-shirt(can I double triple parenthesis like this?! whatever, go buy a Natalie Dee t-shirt. they are awesome.))) above my craft space because I fail hard and I fail often.

“Over 100,000 thumbtacks were used over 351 hours to create this typographic mural that spells out Fail Harder, a message that underlines the importance of failure during the creative process.”

It sucks to have a craft project crash and burn. I attempted to dye a pair of shoes today except that at the last moment I realized the shoes weren’t actually leather… Instead of not doing the project I went ahead with it and um… it didn’t quite work out. FAIL. And this on top of last week after my silk screen project turned out assy when I was thinking, “MAN, please let me have one freaking successful project. GOSH!”

Sometimes I want to get stabby when I’m reading all the craft blogs where people are seemingly cranking out perfect craft project after perfect craft project and all the commenter are gushing about how awesome the blogger is. Maybe that’s why I so mean spiritedly love Regretsy and Craftastrophe.



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    Maybe it’s because those blogs just don’t tell about their disasters like we do πŸ˜‰ I love Regretsy – thanks for introdung me to it πŸ˜€ I may… MAY have a humungous disaster on my hands this week – or it may turn out amazing! I’m still getting up the guts to try my idea πŸ˜‰ I’ll upload it whichever the case either as a fanfare ‘look what I did’ or a ‘for pities sake don’t do this’ post.

    I’m now off to check out those other links.

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