Tiny Dark Wings and a wing round up

wings-tinyThis is my wing round up post. Stuff with wings, wings for stuff.

Tiny dark wings necklace by locallibrary.etsy.com. This necklace is simple and beautiful. You can read more about local library in her Etsy featured seller article.

babybirdnecklaceThis tiny baby bird is looking down your shirt do not be fooled by it’s innocent and cute appearance! Beware the baby bird!

blackwingsI’m a big fan of wearing wings and tails and animal ears whenever to mood strikes. Why be normal? I like these ‘wings for those of a darker nature‘, they look delicate yet… eeeevil! Halloween is coming up. There’s still time to assemble your sexy gothic lolita fairy costume. Mabin Rhys has some really cute wings, the brownie ones are great AND she has a good selection of horn headbands for kids (or, um… me). I wish she wasn’t shipping from over seas!

belljarThis bell jar ring with a tiny butterfly wing looks so delicate yet also like it could take you out with one careless wave of your hand.

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