Mixtape a craft maga(ZINE)

mixtapeI got my Mixtape in the mail last week! Yippeee! I love zines, and btw, am so sad that I didn’t make it over to the SF Zine Fest this weekend.

Mixtape is a fun craft/diy magazine / zine produced by a husband and wife team in Melbourne, Australia. I’m always super happy to get a printed zine in my hand in this time of online media.

Mixtape 10 is in full color. Here is a list of the feature articles in this issue:
Aunty Cookie Book Plates
Cool Cross Stitch Pattern
Living Green : Thimble Necklace
Everyday Heirlooms
Livin’ Large
Ethically Challenged Corporations
Crafty Lady: Katy Jones www.imagingermonkey.blogspot.com
and another WICKED pull out poster designed by :
Tina Tarnoff www.tinatarnoff.tyepapad.com

You can also get back order copies of older issues!

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