Whale of a cutting board.

whaleSorry for that title. Sometimes I can get cheesy and/or punchy after having spent 47 straight hours entertaining a 2 year old. Yesterday when I showed this to my husband he said, “Why would you cut a whale!”. Having children effects you…


This whale cutting board from Dee and Lala is very cute and NOT about cutting whales at all. Here is the description of it from their website,

A cutting board that is near and dear to my heart. Created from the original design by my granddad, Carroll Alm, this whale cutting board is a tribute to his love for Scandinavian design. Rinse with warm water and mild soap. Dry immediately. Rub with mineral oil to treat wood

The fact that its a family design makes it even better!

Dee and Lala is also a letterpress with some wonderful designs, you can see them here!


  1. Diane Stapes says

    I so love this cutting board. The whale shape is so awsome ! I cannot find it anywhere to purchase ! Any chance of directing me to where I can buy this? Please/

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