Revamp your tights with tie-dye – from BUST Magazine

BUST Magazine had a fun blurb about how to tie-dye your tired old tights which I thought was a fun idea.

First off BUST Magazine (The magazine for women with something to get off their chests.) is a great mag and you should go subscribe now. The latest issue has a good article with Diablo Cody of Pussy Ranch and Juno fame.
BUST puts on the Holiday Craftacular twice a year as well.

You can follow BUST on twitter and they just posted a link for a 5$ digital subscription to the magazine! That’s a great deal!
Special offer to our Twitter Pals (Twatters?): Get a DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION for only $5! Use coupon 48F28 Exp 8/3

Just yesterday I as going through my tights draw(s)! and realizing that I have an absurd amount of tights some dating back circa 1992. WTH? I’m ditching most of them and keeping some to dye and some to embroider. It’s a good idea! Fall and tights season is coming up fast!

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