The Knight Bus Altoids tin and other Harry Potter crafts

bus happy potter knight bus crafts altoids tinCreate a Knight Bus out of an altoids tin like this one by tapestrymlp on flickr. She has a ton of cute Harry Potter crafts and you can look at her set here.

goldensnitch-trial-31Jan of Jan’s Reading Room has experimented with several ways of making a Golden Snitch. These are great although I personally would want a snitch made from a spray painted bouncy ball with felt wings, what good is a snitch if you can’t bounce it?

goldensnitch-earringsCraftster Pinkleo made these golden snitch earrings. Aren’t they fabulous!! It looks like she used a round golden flower bead and feather beads on each side. Very clever!

harrypotterquiltOfenjen of created an amazing Harry Potter themed quilt and you can see the squares up close if you look at her flickr set.

You may be able to tell that I went to see the movie last night. It was long but good and the Harry Potter world remains so rich with dark and wonderful imagery.

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