How to make your own makeup

makeupThis is a great Instructable on how to make your own mineral makeup by scoochmaroo.

Materials list:
# Micronized Titanium Dioxide
# Zinc Oxide
# Sericite Mica – Matte Finish
# Magnesium Stearate
# Yellow, Red & Brown Iron Oxide Pigments
# Jojoba Oil
# Vitamin E Oil
# Essential Oil (opt.) I used Geranium mostly since I love the smell, but it also has excellent qualities to help relieve pain, soothe anxiety and stress, diminish swelling and inflammation, and is renowned for healing burns, wounds, and skin ulcers, dry eczema, burns, shingles, ringworms, lice, acne, herpes, cuts and wound – Ok, so I don’t have all of those problems, but it sounded promising. Mostly I love the smell.
# Mortar & Pestle or small grinder
# 30g (3oz) Sifter Jars
# measuring spoons
# cosmetic brush (large full brush for foundation)

The materials list looks exotic but you can actually get everything you need at your local hippy pharmacy or grocery store or online! Ponte Verde Soap Shoppe is listed as a good resource and they seem to have many other recipes for cosmetics too.

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