A Goddess Dress for All Seasons

goddessdressmediumFifty Two Acts is a blog described by it’s author thusly:

The project, 52 Acts, is the creative component of my Doctor of Creative Arts program. The program is designed to answer the question: ‘how can cyberfeminism practice and Web 2.0 applications be used to recode gendered representations of women on the Internet?’

Her feminist cookies are good but I like the skirt and dress tutorials she has up on Instructables the best. She came up with tutorials for a dress and skirt that look good on a variety of body shapes AND are comfortable no matter how your body may be changing.

How to make a bias cut skirt with wide stretch waistband

This tutorial will show how to make a bias cut a-line style skirt, with a wide stretch waistband, using fabric and a recycled t-shirt. This is how I make all my skirts. They look good, feel really comfortable, and are also really great for pregnancy, breast feeding and general monthly body changes as the stretch waistband is very accommodating and the bias cut molds really well around curves. The a-line shape is flattering to most body types and suitable for all sizes.

How to make a goddess scarf/wrap dress

This is an easy way to make a dress from either two large scarves or two equal sized pieces of fabric. I have been seeing dresses of this style around the place and every time I see one I think “hey, that must just be two pieces of fabric sewn together… but how?…”

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