Crafty Chica Book Winner!

guidetoartfulsewingFirst of all I really enjoyed reading all the comments about what keeps people from crafting and how they overcome it. I can totally relate to all of them!

The winner of the Crafty Chica book The Guide to Artful Living is NUMBER 11!

Here was her entry:

ok, this isn’t actually about how i overcome my fear and craft anyhow, it’s about why i don’t so much.

i just can’t help feeling like it has to be perfect. i know, not rare. but first i start thinking about how if i mess it up i can just throw it out, but that would be WASTEFULL! then i start thinking of ‘what would i do with 100 pieces of pottery?’ and then i think i’d give them to someone… who? parents! oh, but then even if they suck they’ll put them out somewhere — and TELL people, like that lopsided fat man pottery thing i made in 7th grade — which was on the glass shelves by the stairs until 2002, because that’s when they moved! ugh!

so, that’s why i dropped out of pottery in college.

I can relate! It is actually fun to make stuff and give it to people who love you… but the number of heinous pottery/art projects that my poor family members have received from me.. it’s truly staggering. I honor them for putting up with me. :) Heeheee.

Sparkle, I will get this book to you ASAP!

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