Two new FREE Amy Butler patterns!

Yeah! Free Amy Butler! Woo!

I keep meaning to try out her free yoga bag pattern, has anyone tried it?

Her two new free patterns are for NORA’S MID MOD 2 QUILT and AUGUST FIELDS DUVET COVER

They are so cute! You can now buy her Kyoto Quilt online too, it’s sort of moving blanket-esque, you know, but nice!


  1. carol piccione says

    beautiful patterns and fabric….different and so modern. Can’t wait to get started on something.

  2. eeloh says

    Hi – do try the yoga bag pattern. It’s very good. I’ve made heaps to give away.
    My only quibble with amy butler – and I’ve made about five items from different patterns so far – is that she prescribes an extravagant amount of fabric. You will find you can probably make two yoga bags with what she sets out for one.

  3. Allie says

    The yoga mat bag pattern is great! It is lined and has a pocket. But she does tell you to get more fabric then you need.

  4. Susan says

    I just made the yoga bag and found that next time I will make it longer. I had just enough room to use Velcro and would have liked to make a draw string closing. Otherwise it was fairly easy and fun to make.

  5. Joi says

    I’ve made a cpl of the yoga bags. I adapted the pattern for the 2nd one because my mat is an extra thick one. I used upholstery fabric since the mat is also extra heavy. Next time I will make a drawstring top.

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