Theresa Honeywell’s lace tattoos and other bada**itude

I’m so in love with these tattoos made out of lace created by Theresa Honeywell. Aren’t they glorious? I’m having this feeling like I better buy one now before she is so famous that I can’t afford it even in my dreams. Seriously, I hate it when that happens. I remember seeing a Sam Flores painting back in the day for like 250$, which at the time was WAY out of my price range, but now, compared to 16,000$ is nothing…

I love tattoos and the delicacy of lace (have you ever seen someone making real lace? It’s amazing!) and I like it when one form of art work transmutes into another and they get all wrapped up and sweaty in the covers with some other kind of art/craft and they make babies that come out weirdly different but the same.

Here is how she describes her process:

This series of work utilizes a sewing technique that I have created and developed over the past two years. Most of the designs and images are based on vintage tattoo imagery. My designs are made in the similar labor intense way that a tattoo is made, using only a needle to draw with, but instead of ink on skin, my medium is only thread on thread.

Each labor-intensive piece is made completely from thread and takes about two weeks to complete. I build up layers upon layers of sewing thread in a circular, web-like pattern. The result is a realistic image rendered into a lace-like material.

Plus she has some lace eyes in her etsy shop and I have a thing for the ‘lover’s eye’ concept. I’m not sure that’s what she was going for but it’s how I see it.

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