Hula DVD Giveaway – We have a winner!

Hello there!

Thanks so much to all who participated in the Hula Hoop DVD giveaway! That was fun! I’ve been hooping myself these passed few weeks and it can really be a great workout and lots of fun.

The Heart Hulaerobics Dvd with HoopGirl Christabel has a several chapters that target body parts for strengtheing and all are great low impact cardio workouts. The DVD also includes warm up and cool down sections, an interview with Christabel and a bonus dance performance that gives you an idea how you can put hooping moves together for a fun dance that is also a workout. Christabel makes it look easy and is as vivacious and interesting on her DVD as she is in person.

Our winner (number generated using is angelacisco! Here’s her comment:

I didn’t realize that people were doing this and that there was a dvd.I bought a hula hoop last summer and used it every night. My husband and friends thought I was weird but I loved it until it broke. I didn’t realize you could make your own.

Angela I will be contacting you via email.

For those of you who did not win I encourage you to try hooping anyway you can and here are some resources for you.
You Tube videos on how to hula hoop – all things hooping
How to make a hoop
tape for decorating your hoop
a nice list of other resources

*photo credit – briebanofsky

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