Let’s talk about the artist, shall we?!!

patricia waller accidents crochetSo, I’ve now seen 4 blogs run the pictures of the gruesome crochet pictures all hahah funny like and not ONE of them (not one!!) mentioned the artists name. I’m sort of appalled just because we all obviously have the internet at our finger tips so why not spend 5 seconds finding out about the artist? Also, I have that feeling like, yeah these are awesome! but they were also awesome the first time I saw them in 1997 and if the internet meme machine is going to circulate them again then please talk about the artist a little bit?!

So let’s spend 5 seconds talking about Patricia Waller and her lovely art. She has an extensive body of work all using wool and crochet. She started this line of art around 1997 while in art school although I can’t remember where I read that. She constructs a wire cage and then crochets a ‘skin’ around it.

Her web site has a great list of her works by category starting with Multiples which includes a crocheted fire extinguisher and a crocheted set of dentures.

My four favorite sets are Women in Technology, Computer Games, Animal Experiments and Selections. I really wish I could find some text that talks about her Women in Technology series! On her web site she has two images, one of a robotic type arm titled “Robot: Model Kitchen” and the other a robot wearing a frilly skirt called “Miss Deep Blue”. Both speak to me as a statement about women being replaced by technology or woman’s work being devalued by technology or women are invisible in technology as innovators and all of it wrapped up in the fact that the robot is crocheted, a typical ‘woman’s work’.

patricia waller robot crochet women in technology

Could someone do a series called “Men in Technology” that is just like hot beefcake crocheted guys in bikini briefs? Or maybe just a single tiny crocheted vibrator would work.


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    Very interesting type of art work! i love the shark with the bloody leg. That is hilarious and very well done! I personally enjoy doing impressionistic oil paintings. It helps me to portray my feelings and dreams in a physical form. I wish i was capable of creating the same type of art work that Patricia Waller has done. Very original and very awesome!

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