Cute Holiday Card Round Up!

I’ve posted several cute and unique holiday cards here in the past and I though I should do a quick round up before it’s too late and you have to start sending those ‘oops, i forgot holiday cards cards’.

Cut to the chase with these pretty Diwali inspired holiday money cards by Nit and Nin, they look hand painted and have a cute little Ganesh! I love a thoughtful handmade or lovingly picked out gift but srsly? getting money kind of rocks because then I can go pick out something for myself. :)

Save paper this holiday season by sending out these holiday postcards from Argyle Whale! Unless you are sending out a year long wrap-up form letter to all your friends you might as well send this holiday postcard with a succinct greeting and well wish on the other side. Besides, you will also save postage!

Lately the siren song of the letterpress has been invading my thoughts. Do I dare even go look at one? If I do I’m pretty sure I will get sucked in to the destruction of us all. Instead I’ll be happy having found these Bear and Deer New Years Cards from Oddball Press. RWWWARR!

Lockette on Etsy has another fun holiday card twist, fabric cut outs! Check out her cute reindeer fabric cut out holiday cards on her etsy shop. It’s great that she offered them in sets of 8 too!

UPDATED to add in the perfect ‘oops i forgot to send out holiday cards’ that Amber sent me. They are for sale in her etsy shop, punkinpieproductions
. Thanks for the link, Amber!


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