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We all win when crafty meets techie meets geek. My husband went to MIT and so we get the MIT magazine and every month it sits next to the toilet. It makes me feel smarter just um… sitting there.. reading it. Want to talk about boiengineered corn? Er, I thought not.

How about instead we talk about my latest girl crush on Limor Fried (featured in the Nov/Dec 2008 Technology Review). I took one look at the LadyAda Electronics Toolkit on her web site and my heart went out to it although I did not yet fully understand it’s uses. Circuit boards, soldering irons and embroidery thread! Oh My!

What can I craft this this stuff? There must be something!

Then I saw the Minty Boost – battery powered USB charger housed in a little mint tin. While a mint tin is cute and all a DECOUPAGED mint tin is even cuter.

Now I just need to find some cute paper…

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