The cutest pincushions

I’m obsessed with pin cushions lately but have a guilty feeling like.. how many pin cushions can one girl own before she has to start secretly stashing them in her underwear drawer so that her husband doesn’t think she is crazy.

It all started with the Felted Geode Pin Cushion Kit that I bought from Mary Jane’s Attic. Spider Felt is the shop that created the kit but I can’t see that they are selling it any more. However she is selling totally cute already felted for you geode pincushions here. I made one and it turned out super cute. The best part is that you get TWO. One to keep and one to give as a gift!

After I purchased that kit but before I actually started making it I bought a Tree Stump Pincushion from myimaginaryboyfriend. Not only is it adorable but it is large and I like a large pincushion for whatever reason.

The next one to catch my eye was the tiny minolta pleather canister pincushion by superfay. I haven’t received this one yet but I am eagerly awaiting it and it looks like she has one more left!!

I also seriously have my eye on this squirelalope pincushion by Audelaine.


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    Thanks for the plug! The pincushions are super fun to make. If you are interested in a pincushion kit, send me a message through my shop or blog and I can assemble one for you!

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    Will you kill me if i buy the zip up one? It’s just that a) it’s cute and b)it’s the perfect way to keep Paddy out of my pins…

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    Jen you should totally buy it quick! she can’t have too many of those little minolta thingies lying around.
    Jack is obsessed with pins from my pincushions. I find him running around sticking pins in to the couch… what should one do? poke him with a pin so that he sees they are ouchy? wait for him to poke an eye out? hide all pins (impossible)? the zip up pincushion seems like an excellent workaround.

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    As a mom who sews and is always busy with a new craft projects, I’m right with you on the importance of a good pin cushion! And these are just TOO CUTE! Especially the tree stump. Thanks for the fun eye candy post!

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    Be sure to check out Schmaltzy Crafty for pin cushions as well… She’s so talented!

    Also, look for Pretty Little Pincushions. Jen Segrest (from Schmaltzy Crafty) is featured in there along with some other fabulous designers.

    Of course, you probably already know this since the book’s been out for a while… No worries if this is old news. :)

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