Stitch Magazine Debuts from Interweave!

Interweave Launches Stitch Magazine, a Fresh, Contemporary Sewing
Magazine for DIY Fashion and Home-Sewing Enthusiasts

This new mag looks pretty good. I’m in love with that cute skirt on the cover.

Check out the website:
Find out more about submitting fabric or sewing projects to Stitch Magazine here.

Stitch is the first sewing magazine published by Interweave, one of the
country’s leading art and craft media companies, as it enters a vibrant,
growing category. Sewing has gained popularity with crafters and fashionistas
in recent years, and much of the hype is attributed to television programs like
Project Runway. In 2006, the Home Sewing Association estimated that there
were about 35 million sewing hobbyists in the U.S., up from roughly 30 million
in 2000, and annual sales of Singer machines have doubled, to 3 million, since

For a preview of Stitch, visit the website, which offers readers two free full-
size skirt pattern PDFS from projects featured in the magazine, plus a bonus
pattern for a table runner and a tutorial on sewing basics.

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