Halloween Goodie Giveaway!

Green Jello GiveawayGreen Jello is getting into the spirit of the season by giving away a Halloween treat package including Martha Stewart goodies, candy, some adorable hand-made coasters, and a vintage apron.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on Green Jello’s post about your most memorable Halloween costume by Monday, October 6th, 7 p.m. central time. A name will be drawn and the winner announced on Tuesday.

As an added bonus, if you post a picture of the memorable costume on your blog or Flikr and link to it in your submission comment, your name will be entered twice in the drawing!


  1. rachel crisman says

    Well, this is my sisters memory but she never lets my mother forget about that costume.My Mom dressed me in a Strawberry shortcake nightgown and mask for halooween my mom then decided that my sister should be Straw Berry shortcakes side kick,Lemon Marangue so she put a yellow shower cap on my sister and a plain yellow night gown. Everyone we met laughed at my sister and kept asking her why she was dressed like she was going to bed.We were poor and my mother did her best but my sister was scarred by that Halooween costume from hell.

  2. Carla Pullum says

    Wonderwoman I wore the plastic suit and the mask that was hard to breathe in with the rubberbaind around the back. Those were the old costumes!

  3. bunny says

    My fave Halloween costume would definitely be the fairy princess costume! I love wearing tiaras, wings and ethereal like skirts :) They’re so magical!

  4. sena says

    My favourite Halloween costume would be the Vampire costume! Wearing a cool cape and fangs. Totally awesome. xDD

  5. Leigh Nichols says

    One year my Aunt, who was taking arts classes in college, dressed me and did my full make-up in Vampiress fashion- it was so professional and AWESOME! It was unbelievable- I won the school competition that year. That was THE most fun Halloween ever!

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