Lotta Prints: Recap and Book Review

The Lotta Jansdotter Book Opening at Craft Gym was a wonderful turn out. Attendees got to make sample prints from lino cut and carved vegetables. Lotta had a great table-side manner and would encourage people to experiment with their designs. She was incredibly calm among the frenetic activity. People were streaming in the doors, music was playing, and drinks were being poured. All the while she would go around to each person seated and give them hints and tips on how to make their prints. I think the most valuable advice was that even if the print did not come out the way you expected you could work with it and see the beauty in it. Simple geometric designs and cross sectioned lotus roots become beautiful and intricate design when you take paint and a Brayer (ink roller) to blank canvas. Lotta’s book definitely embodies her attitude and aesthetic. There are lots of beautiful photographs with emphasis on patterns in nature. Her instructions are simple and clear. The book is written as a visual journey through Lotta’s exploration of various printing techniques. There are even a set of stencils in the back for you to use. I believe this book is good for printing novices and parents who are looking for ways to do crafts with their children. This will also serve the more experienced printer as an inspiration book. You really feel like you’ve entered Lotta’s world and see the elements of design that she finds in common organic forms.

Lotta Prints

Paperback: 120 pages
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Language: English
ISBN-10: 081186037X
ISBN-13: 978-0811860376

Etsy has also done a great video interview Lotta. Watch it now.

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