Etsy News Update

From a recent Etsy Newsletter…

Back in February when Etsy announced upcoming changes to the way search would work, we made a promise to our Vintage and Commercial Supply sellers that we would extend the life of their item listings by four months, for free. The search changes took effect May 5, and we are now ready to honor our promise. We intend to start rolling out the additional four months beginning on June 30, 2008. The four month free extension will apply only to Vintage and Commercial Supplies sellers.
Here’s the Plan for the Four Month Extension:

Q. What items are eligible?
A. Vintage and Commercial Supplies are eligible. Handmade supplies are not eligible, since these were not affected by the May 5th changes to Etsy’s search function.

Q. What if my Vintage and/or Commercial Supplies listings are inactive/in edit mode on June 30?
A. Many sellers put their listings in “edit mode” when they are going on vacation or otherwise don’t want their listings to be active. Have no fear! If these listings are properly tagged, they will make it on the list, even if they are in edit mode. Here is more info about inactive listings and edit mode.

Q. My Vintage or Commercial Supplies listing expired before Etsy finalized the list of items eligible for the extension. How do I get included in this?
A. If you want to receive four free months, renew your items before June 30, the date of Etsy will take the snapshot. Here’s how to renew.

Q. What happens if my listings expire during the window between the June 30 snapshot and their spot in the 30-45 day run?
A. We are prioritizing the roll-out of the extensions such that the listings nearest to their expiration dates will be extended first. If you notice a problem after we announce the completion, email [email protected]. Please include the following words in the subject of your email: “4 month extension.” This will help us target your questions and get back to you more quickly.

Q. What if my items are in incorrectly tagged (and in the incorrect categories) at the time of the snapshot?
A. That’s why we’re giving you a week’s heads up! You must have your items properly categorized by June 30, 2008. If you have extenuating circumstances, email [email protected] and describe the details of your situation. Please include the following words in the subject of your email: “4 month extension.”

Q. I think I did everything right, but I can’t find my listings!
A. If you see inconsistencies in your shop or disappearing listings, first take a look at the Inactive and Expired listings in your shop. (These links only go to your shop if you’re logged in so you don’t have to worry that others will see in your shop!). If you still think there’s something wrong with your shop, contact [email protected].

Q. What are the dates of eligibility?
A. Any Vintage or Commercial Supplies listings that are active or inactive (but not expired) on June 30, 2008.

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