East Coast Kitsch: Recycled Indie Crafts

New Brunswick designer Jane Murphy loves to come up with new ideas, so when she was cleaning out her closet one day and came across some old wool sweaters that didn’t fit anymore and were too tattered to send to a used clothing store she decided to create a new product with them. “I thought that if I washed the sweaters in hot, hot water they would thicken and create a felt-like material,” she explains, “and sure enough that’s what happened!”.

From that day on, she began designing items including various types of bags and unique household items. “I hate to see things being wasted, and like to use up all of my scraps, which lead to the creation of my coffee cup sleeves, which are actually the sleeve of the sweater”. Some of her designs even keep the shape of the sweaters that she has felted. Visit Jane’s wares at www.eastcoastkitsch.etsy.com My personal favorite is her felted teapot cozy with the needle felted embellishments, so colorful!



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