Etsy Product Count Errors Now Fixed

For all those Etsy shop owners out there, this just came in from Etsy News:

Dear Etsyians,
To the delight of our engineers and (hopefully) our sellers also, we are very pleased to let you know that view tallies should be functioning properly once again.

As many of our sellers know, we’ve experienced a recurring problem for the past several months that caused listing view tallies to sporadically reset. This forced the affected view counts to drop to “1”.

We’ve developed a new, more reliable view tally system. As a result, most sellers will see a shift in their item view counts today. In addition to keeping accurate counts going forward, we were able to restore all view count data since January 1, 2008, even if a listing’s view count was reset during this time. Unfortunately, we were unable to retain data prior to January 1, 2008, so some listings may experience a decease in views if they were on the site prior to the start of the calendar year. Think of it as a fresh start for the new year, with (most importantly) accurate information.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by this problem, and we thank all our members for your patience as we worked on a solution. We are hopeful that this new tally system is a solid solution that will provide reliable info. Giving credit where it’s due, we’d like to give big thanks to Etsy engineers, Jorge aka jorgelo and CB aka etsybozo who solved this challenging problem.

We’ve tested this system thoroughly, but there is always a chance that an issue may arise once we have it running on the live site. If there is an issue, we’ll be sure to alert you through the Storque and the Etsy News Alerts email list. If you continue to experience problems or just have questions, please let us know in the forum thread linked in the Storque post.

Here is a brief Q & A about the new system:

Q. Some of my listings lost views counts AGAIN! What’s going on?
A. We’ve been able to restore all view counts that occurred between the dates of January 1, 2008 and June 17, 2008. If your listings’ views occurred outside of that range, they were not able to be included in the new count.

Q. My view counts jumped up! Why did that happen?
A. Your listings now reflect all of the view activity between January 1, 2008 and June 17, 2008. If your view counts have jumped, it’s because they were reset in the past and have now been restored.

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