Sock Monkey See, Sock Monkey Do

I love Sock Monkeys! I even hosted a party at my house to make sock monkeys! So to celebrate my monkey madness I wanted to share this wonderful Sock Monkey Tutorial from Craft Bits. They are so fun and easy. Guaranteed to charm the socks off any kid, age 1-92!


And if you’re not in the mood to hunt for some supplies you can pick up an awesome Sock Monkey kit from Stacey Jean’s Etsy Store.

sockmonkeykit.jpg sockmonkey1.jpg


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    I have a sock monkey obsession ever since my 8-month-old sported his sock monkey costume for Halloween last year. I had a sock bunny as a kid, but not the monkey. My kids have EVERYTHING sock monkey imaginable. Maybe I was deprived by having only the bunny. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    I love these!! I am making them for all of my friends and family for Christmas this year, but im making them with an aromatherapy filling instead. Thanks for sharing the How-to!

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