Mini Crochet Patterns

Crochet Pattern – Sabby $2.00

by denise83 

Sabby the octopus is pretty cute and original and for the bargain price of $2.00 you can snap up the pattern and make literally 100’s of these until you have octopus coming out of your ears.(well almost)

If Sabby isn’t your thing then how about the Sleepy Head kitty $4.00  or pengoo the penguin $3.00

Perfect little crochet projects for road trips and lazy sundays at home.


  1. Tay says

    I think you should make them then sell them PLEASE MAKE A SOCK MONKEY UNDER 10$ AND I WILL BE THE FIRST TO SNAP IT UP!

  2. roberta!!! says

    yea please give the free patern please , please , please!!!
    or better make a tutorial on youtube please!!!!


  1. […] Tooooo cute!! These Mini Crochet Patterns by Denise are the most adorable Crochet project I’ve ever seen!! We found her on Etsy, and she has over 20 patterns there for sale to make these adorable little guys. Now I don’t Crochet very well, and when I do its just in a straight line. So to see these little darlings just makes me drool and want to learn how to make them yesterday!! […]

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